Think of mia care as smart care.

Welcome to a new standard of elderly care. Backed by Artificial Intelligence and the expertise of a team of world-class medical doctors, mia care can help predict and support the prevention of adverse health events.  

By analyzing multiple sources of bio-metric and health data mia care helps keep seniors safe by giving staff actionable, timely information. With continual learning, mia care understands and adapts to every individual’s unique wellness challenges. This keeps the elderly healthier and reduces costs associated with unnecessary adverse events. All in a day’s work for mia care.

Meet mia care

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Make mia care a part of
your care strategy.

From monitoring vital signs to assisting professionals, mia care transforms and improves the standard of elderly care, how staff do their jobs and how seniors live and thrive.

Keeps watch

Monitors and analyzes vital signs, quality and quantity of sleep, movement and frequency of bed exits.

Always on alert

Real-time detection and alerting of falls or SOS situations throughout the day and night.

Shares intel

Provides critical information to help professionals with speedier diagnosis and treatment of residents.

Lends support

Easy to use tools help staff assess a resident’s risk for falls, severe anxiety or depression.

Part of your team

Guidance on preventing and mitigating adverse events and checks that staff perform scheduled duties.

Ready with help

Our mia care customer service team has you covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Affordable and accessible.
That's just the start.

Safe and smart elderly care is for everyone. That’s why mia care has been designed to be affordable and accessible to all. Bringing mia care onboard costs less than a cup of coffee a day.

With mia care you'll notice:

Better resident occupancy and turn-over rates

Higher public and authority ratings and reviews

A reduction in insurance claims & regulatory investigations

Increased top & bottom line revenue

All this adds up to a competitive advantage

What makes us unique
makes you succeed.

We are the only AI care technology IN THE WORLD that can answer your most pressing question “Are my residents OK?”

mia care is AI-powered software that helps predict and prevent adverse health events for elderly residents living in long-term care facilities or being cared for in their own homes.

10 +
World-class doctors, clinicians, and researchers contributed insights to create mia care.
100 +
Combined years of technological development powering mia care.
100 +
Published and cited papers on AI, Cardiology, Neurology by our team.

The mia care team

Over 30 years, our team has led over 1000 project years of real-world AI application development for both Fortune 500 companies & several nation-states.

Faramarz Farhoodi, CEO

Our Founder; Faramarz Farhoodi is an experienced CEO with more than 3 decades of recognized leadership in business innovation through technology. Mr. Farhoodi has a history of success in turning slow-growth companies and stalled initiatives into successful, profitable & world-class ventures. His proven track record includes creating and delivering novel AI applications in a variety of industries & a specialization in consumer retail and multi-channel eCommerce which included managing’s largest commercial account. 

In addition to his time at Amazon, Mr. Farhoodi has held a variety of C-Level and senior management positions at companies such as, IAC, MotoSport(Sequoia),  & Perot Systems/Dell. 

In his current role as Founder & CEO of AI Nexus Healthcare Inc, Faramarz is focusing on leveraging the power of cognitive artificial intelligence to solve to world’s most pressing healthcare challenges. Partnering with leading medical doctors around the world, AI Nexus Healthcare is developing a futuristic suite of applications targeted at both consumers & healthcare professionals. 

The first application, mia, is a platform of smart healthcare solutions that span from monitoring & care of the vulnerable to self-care all the way to AI-enhanced telemedicine, and clinical diagnostics powered by Cognitive AI and Machine Learning.

Now is the time for mia care.

The demand for senior care is growing. Staff is getting harder to keep and find. Now it’s time to bring mia care on board  to revolutionalize how you operate. together we can take elderly care forward.